Global Institute is organizing national level TECHNO-CULTURAL FESTIVAL: UDAAN-2015 from March 13th-14th, 2K15.

Technical events will include Bridge Building, Sight on Site, Coder Combat, Bug Buster, Scrub your Mind, Break the Queries, Car-C-know, Path-finder, Eco-com Tech-Model making, Web Spidey, Designers-Alley, Analogic, Circuit Maestro, Code Cracking, Extempore, Group Discussion, Debate, Paper Presentation etc. Cultural events like Choreography, Malwai Giddha, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Fashion Show, Bhangra, Street Play, Solo Song, Skit, STAR - NIGHT will be the highlights of the festival.

Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang
Chief Co-ordinator
M: 97819-26200

Student Head Coordinators

Tania Sachdeva
M: 9815627734
Gaurav Sharma
M: 9803489251

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